Friday, June 16, 2006

The Magic House

Since it is taking several months, and we've been thinking about it for a long time, and our current main floor rental house has become way to small and we have filled every inch of it, we often think of how much better our lives will be when we finally move into our new house.
I realize it is just an object, yet oh, how our lives will change for the better!

1. We will become witty charming entertainers, for all the parties we will be having for friends and family.

2. We will become culinary wizards in our new shockingly fantastic kitchen with fantastic appliances.

3. Our children will not want to push the furniture around on the new hardwood floors the way they do now on the old rented hardwood floors.

4. We (I) will become organized and decluttered. Everything will have a place!

5. The Screaming will stop. The children will have nothing left to scream about. Ok, that is just wishful thinking.

6. We will become saavy and cool decorators. Every detail, every color, every peice of furniture placed with precision and skill. Trained professionals are for the weak!

7. The Bathrooms, oh the bathrooms. Charming husband and I will never again have to have an argument over who is hogging the one and only bathroom. We even get to have our own fancypants bathroom with a fancypants tub and MY OWN SINK!
(My only question, who is going to be cleaning all those bathrooms??)

p.s. old photo...we are acutally a matter of weeks away from it 4 or 6 or 7??? that is the question.


Gonzo's Chicken said...

You must, MUST read "Life Among the Savages" by Shirley Jackson. She is right up your alley. Just something to keep you in stitches for days (something other than children, that is).

Two Mittens said...

thanks, I will definitely check it out!

Gabriel said...

Sounds more like resolutions than changes that will take place.
In the picture, it looks like a beautiful home where your family can live and grow happily together!
God bless!