Friday, June 16, 2006

16 months

The twins turned 16 months old two days ago. Sometimes I can still barely believe I am the mother of twin boys. They are beautiful and full of life and demanding and curious and loud and creative and getting huge, yet still so tiny and you could just eat them up.

The past month has been about:

Getting Molars - while teeth are good for eating, it seems they are horrible for sleeping. My boys have been good sleepers for months, but lately, I have been fearful that we'd have to start all over again. R has two on the top and B has two on the top and one on the bottom. Ouch!

Rain - June has been all rain. All the time. And while it is looking lush and beautiful outside, we have mostly been inside feeling moist and damp. We're getting stir crazy.

Grapes - We Loves Grapes. And Cantelope. YUM

Growing - growing too tall for many of their pants, luckily shorts are more forgiving. Also getting tall enough to reach more things. Time to move up another notch.

Screaming - they have become louder and shriller when they don't get what they want. They are hurting dolphins and dogs. I want to apologize to the new tenants downstairs. But then I think, hey you guys think it's bad down there, try it up here for a few days. Then check your sanity.

First Word - B's official first word is 'hot'. He started saying it on the May long weekend when we went to visit my parents. There is a gas fireplace there - hot. He can also say 'oh wow'. He has been saying that for a months, but we don't really think it has any context. Hot however, is hot!

Best part - R has started being snuggly. An independent soul, he has not had much time in his busy life for a nice snuggle. Until now. Mom and Dad are loving it.
B has always enjoyed a good snuggle, but X2 is even nicer.

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Gabriel said...

I like the pictures. They depict curiousity, peace and eagerness as well as anticipation. Capturing the Kodak moment, i believe..