Saturday, June 24, 2006

deep thoughts

I just found out that a dear friend of mine is moving far away. Not Africa far or anything, just far enough that we won't be able to enjoy seeing each other on such a frequent and regular basis. It's a good thing for her family, and I'm happy for their opportunity, but I will miss her in my life the way she has been lately.
We've had a few conversations recently about the way that people can come and go in your life. How relationships and friendships change, and while some continue to grow, others may end either by choice or circumstance. I have a few true friends who remain close, no matter where we live or what is happening in our lives. We have grown together.
There are other relationships however that have reached a point of no return. Sometimes it's as simple as drifting apart or not having much in common anymore. Other times it's a concious choice to remove myself from the situation. It's unfortunate in one way to lose something you once found value in, but I don't regret letting go. You have to let go.

I know that I will remain close with my friend who is moving. We'll tell each other stories about our children and our husbands. We'll laugh and console each other and send photos and share ideas and wish how each of us had been there to see it. And when we do see each other, as we catch up and check out new hairdo's and try not to notice how we are getting older, we will feel as though no time has passed. While everything is changing, nothing really has changed.

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