Sunday, November 21, 2010

Oh My Deers

We've spent most of the week at home. Snow snow and more snow. Of course cabin fever starts setting in after a few days, but it wasn't all bad. Maybe because it's the first big snow. And towards the end of the week I totally gave in to it all and we pulled out the decorations, the Christmas music and I made gingerbread cake (which no one seems to like nearly as much as I do...I must make that one again!).

I like to think of the deer in our yard as our pets. Pets that feed themselves and look after themselves and never come in the house. We're always happy to see them. There is a doe with twins that I'm especially fond of. It's fun to see them now all in their winter woolies!


Alyson said...

Doe a deer, a female deer. Those are the best kind of pets. No litter to scoop, No poop to pick up. I must say sometimes I envy your wild-life.

Mrs. M said...

Don't they just epitomize gentle?
Deer are lovely.
Your snow covered trees are too. What great views out your windows. *sigh*
At least it's warm enough now to bundle the crazed critters and send them out!
W and I had a blast walking to school. He throws a snowball at me and I push him into the snowbank, he kills himself giggling and we do it all over again...all - the - way - to-school. It's become a looooooooong walk!:)