Friday, November 26, 2010

Hudson Family

It's true. I have often suffered from Photographers Weather Envy. I look at sites where the sun is always shining and everyone is running on the beach looking gloriously sun-kissed. And I look out the window at the cold grey landscape, and sigh...

However, I am determined to work with what we have. Right here in front of us.
Which leads me to this shoot. It was somewhere near -30 with the windchill. We only had one little window of opportunity to get this entire family together. And so we just did it!
(I think of it as gorilla photography sometimes, just facing challenges of the landscape and making it work. No fluffy clouds or sunny beaches for us! Feeling in your extremities? That's for pansies!)

The Hudson's were great sports. And look, they are often even smiling through their frostbite!
And I love love love the whirling snow. And the mittens and parkas. And this is life. Where we live. And this is a great family. And I'm a tiny bit less afraid of having teenagers if they all look this good!
And I'm starting to get feeling back in my trigger finger...awesome!

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