Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Hello Friends!
And strangers who leave flattering but insincere comments in asian characters...
Instead of catching up on all the whoopla that's been going on I'm just going to start slow with a few pics. Just dip my toe in a bit. I'll be back to catch you up. I'm sure you can't wait!
(I'm going on the premise that we're the kind of friends who can go for chunks of time without seeing each other or talking a lot and then we get together and it's like we were never apart - the best kind of friends!)


Daisy Patch said...

I,ve missed your blog.Nice to have you back! Love the pictures "E" looks all grown up.How did that happen in just a couple of months!?

Jamie said...

I was JUST thinking about you! So glad to know you are still alive and blogging occasionally! :) Cute kids, BTW.

Anonymous said...
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Mrs. M said...

Look at your kiddos! So beautiful.
And ahhhhh....the back drop you have on a daily basis. How lovely.
Am so glad you're back. Of course, I could pick up the phone too! I've missed you!