Friday, March 05, 2010

Bug 5

Ok, The Bug's interview:
How old are you? 4...oh 5!
Fave color - blue
Fave food - pickles and sandwiches (peanut butter) and burgers and cereal
Fave movie - Transformers with Decepticons and Megatron and Bumblebee
Best Friend - Beck and Sideswipe
Fave drink - orange juice
Fave activity - building blocks (lego) and playing with transformers
Fave letters - R & B
Likes - fuzzy things (coats and hats)
(apparently I asked him what he likes, not what he likes to do!)

My funny Bug. Kinda goofy. A little uncoordinated at times. Brave and daring. Adventurous. A night owl. Loves being outside. Silly. He's a little more quiet at home (relatively speaking), but he's very outgoing and friendly in public. He's more of an independent thinker than an independent doer. Stubborn. He likes puzzles and studying things and figuring them out (like instructions for transformers). He likes to draw and color but he is sometimes too busy playing. Although quite recently he has become more passionate about his art! And growing things from seeds. A gardener. He's not as dramatic as some of the other individuals in our home, but he has very specific passions at times. He can get very excited and focused on something and it will keep him up at night or consume his thoughts. He loves babies and can be very kind hearted. He does not like to clean up. But he likes to help 'do' things. Plays well on his own and can get lost in his own world. Likes people and gets along quite easily. Sweet and funny.
He has grown from the boy who used to say 'thank-you' if you told him you loved him into a fairly affectionate boy. He happily gives hugs and kisses and tells you he loves you!

Such an interesting and fun boy, my Bug. Your enthusiasm is contagious and joyful. I look forward to spending more time together! love Mom


Mrs. M said...
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tractor-grandpa said...

The smile on this little boy's face reminds me of a little girl who used to live in my house a few years ago. He definitely is related.