Monday, March 01, 2010

Bee 5

Mr. Bee
Mr. Busy
Mr. I Can Do It Myself
This kid is a doer. Even at times when I don't really want him to do it. But chances are he can and will do it!
I conducted a little questionnaire for 5:
Fave color - red and green
Fave food - cheerios, cheese toast, steak
(Lately cheeseburgers are very popular - healthy, I know. He actually will try a lot of different things and likes quite a few. He is definitely a carnivore though. Those pesky veggies are usually last on his plate.)
Fave movie - Transformers (big surprise)
Best Friend - Jordan...and The Bug! (Jordan is our neighbor. Nice to know his twin is a close second! In reality they are pretty lost without each other)
Fave drink - water, milk, and apple juice
Fave activity - transformers, coloring, making stuff and cutting (paper), writing (he loves letters and often asks what letter a word starts with)
Fave letter - B!
Fave activities - going to the zoo, the park, playing in the snow

The Bee is fast and smart and quick to learn. He has an iron will that you do not want to tangle with (trust me). He is boisterous, but shy. I think he has as nice voice and can carry a tune. A performer. A clown. A creative mastermind. I have little doubt that he will get what he wants out of life.
He is bossy/a leader, depending on his approach (we're working on using his powers for good!). He can be very sweet and is always up for a hug. An early bird. He still hates getting his hair cut. He's very strong. Loves to dress up. Dramatic. Helpful. Likes to do things for people. Can get his own breakfast (even the big milk) and brush his teeth. One of my favorite things about kids in general is their creativity. And this boy is a machine. It's so fun to watch him draw and cut and paint and color with such enthusiasm!
And one of my favorite things about 5 is the explosion of learning. It's exciting (and sometimes tiring) to be constantly answering questions, and explaining, and helping to figure out. Is it just me or are kids smarter these days?
I love that mischievous twinkle (and fear it a little bit too).
I'm so proud of you and I look forward to all our upcoming adventures my handsome busy Bee!
love Mom

p.s. the Bug will get his own blurb too...all in good time...(ok, I'm on it)


Daisy Patch said...

For a minute there I thought the second picture was of the bug and the bee and I was going to say "Bug" got a hair cut??? but now I can see they are just two separate pictures that blend very well together.LOL!

忍著 said...
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