Sunday, December 20, 2009

How Many More Sleeps?!

I can't believe it's only a few days away...AAAAAHHH!!! The kids wish it was Christmas every day, it's so hard to be patient!
I could use a few more days myself. Luckily Christmas comes whether we are 'ready' for it or not (as my mom always says). This from the woman who would have us try on our 'gifts' with a blindfold and be up sewing late into the night Christmas eve...!

The Babe is enjoying the magnet calendar the most I think. She likes to take them off and put them back randomly. Just to keep us on our toes.

The Bee is still busy making decorations. Instead of a wreath on our front door we have the less traditional Christmas Robots taped all over the glass. Another favorite is the clear/snowflake cellophane he has taped to the banister posts up the stairs! I was telling a mom at playschool how he likes to decorate and she said she'd have a hard time not following right behind him to remove everything. And yes, the tape can be a bit much at times, but it's mostly quite entertaining. We enjoy his creative genius!
Here is an example of his drawing. I think that is a monster snowman on the right.

And The Bug is busy watching...Cake Boss. Odd for a 4 year old, but whatever. I'm just a bit worried that he's going to have some pretty high expectations on his next birthday! We've also been enjoying The Grinch and a new favorite.

And as for the teacher gift...thanks for all your comments and suggestions. The Teacher received some peppermint bath salts and sugarplums from the boys (which they mostly made) as well as over $400 in spa certificates and wine and cheese gifts from the rest of the class. Meeerrrry Christmas whuhoooo!!

Sugarplums* these were fabulous and no processed sugar (just don't coat them with it). We'll be making more of these little nuggets of sunshine! Another recipe.

I also made this scrumptious recipe for Spiced Kettle Corn last night. (Thanks Gwyneth, not that you ever touch the stuff!)
Not quite so healthy, but oh so yummy. I think the kids have only ever had microwave popcorn, but I've been annoyed with it lately. The stove top version was sooooo much better. And yes the sugar and butter may have helped, but even the texture was superior! YUM.


Proud Granny said...

Ah, the memories of those late night Christmas Eves! The Bee shared some of his treasured clear/snowflake cellophane with me and gave intructions on how best to use it at our house.

Can't wait for Christmas!!

Mrs. M said...

Over $400 in spa????!!!! We my friend ought to teach preschool for money instead of for fun at home! Chaching!
lol...I can totally see your mom doing that. Cause really your mom's house is the eptiome of christmas is it not? Santa's workshop and Mrs. Claus' sewing room all rolled into one. I love it!
You have every right to be proud and enjoy BEE's artistic talents. He's amazing!! What other 4 yr old can do all that on his own? Guess who's son he is? Your talents are in his genes. Tres cool.
Cake Boss?lmao!! Bug!
I myself cannot believe the blessed event is on Fri...THIS fri. I lost a week somehow. And I'm not ready! A couple of gifts to buy, the house is a wreck as usual, grocery shopping to be done and my favorite husband needs to do some paint touchups on the every present nicks & dings in our walls.