Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cozy Days

We're reaching that point in the Christmas countdown where our patients are wearing thin. There are still last minute preparations to be made, birthdays to celebrate, gifts to wrap, and ongoing effort to stay 'busy' and have some fun while ALL THE WAITING continues. So much waiting. And is it Christmas? Today? Is it today???
I took these pictures a couple of mornings ago. Some days getting everyone dressed and out the door takes the same effort it would take an old steam ship to do a 360. But some days you just have to appreciate laying around, sunbeams through the window with a world of snow outside, a bowl of cereal and each other.
I especially love the hair static and the extra fluff floating around in the air. I think it's a teeny bit dry around here...


Daisy Patch said...

The last picture of "E" and her big brother is so cute!

Mrs. M said...

These are simply gorgeous...angelic and ethereal. Love them!
Bup is often found trying to catch the sparkly dust as the sunbeams hit it and highlight it. It's pretty cute.
Great shots Mrs. Mittens. Great shots.

Peace Sweet Peas said...

You've captured that magical feeling when being inside the cabin is a good thing.