Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Summer Series 09 - 1

Ok, so we're still waiting on the 'green' to arrive, but our first big day out was quite a success. Not without mud. Or cold, wet boots (on the inside). Or a crazy snowy/hail storm. Still no one complained.
The Bug likes to tell me when he has a good day.
This is a good day Mommy.
Yes, it is.


Margo said...

It looks super and I'm sad we missed it!
I love the good day stuff...makes the effort worthwhile.
And the outdoors are good for EVERYONE...YAY!!

Jamie said...

Looks fun!! Can't wait for it to get and STAY warm!

Peace Sweet Peas said...

it's a suitcase. teehee

Peace Sweet Peas said...

but where are the heels?

rockstar said...

so cute! Looks like you guys had fun! Where were these photos taken? It looks like a place my boys would LOVE.