Thursday, May 28, 2009

10 Things

If you want to feel all warm and fuzzy check out these lists of happiness. I remember (with fondness) the days when the sound of rain or sunshine on my shoulders or holding hands with boyfriend would have made the list. Oh so simple those times. So much time. And so hygienic.
And so it is with a most respectful nod to all that happiness and a wistful sigh that I make my own list of:

10 Things That Make Me Terribly Happy...
1. sleep. any sleep. a nap. sleeping in (anything past 7am). just blissful sleep.
2. any meal I don't have to make/buy/plan for/clean off the floor
3. any day that does not include sticking my hand in the toilet to clean poop off of something (rare these days)
4. going to the grocery store (or any store) by myself
5. my pvr. oh how I love thee
6. the internet. oh yes I love you too. sometimes you are the one moment of sanity in my day. and I never have to clean your poop.
7. Grey's Anatomy - don't feel bad that Husband mocks you. I still love you. And I will wait faithfully to find out if George/Izzy (Grizzy?) dies. And it's cool that Meredith is happy. And I like little Grey. And McDreamy is still McDreamy. And I will buy your soundtracks.
8. 8pm. Kids are in bed. Usually. So. Nice. Really. And the light in the back yard is amazing.
9. the way my skin smells in the shower after a nice long day outside in the warm sun
10. quiet times and chatting with my charming husband. and if he wants to hold my hand that's cool too.

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Margo said...

hmmmm....truly enjoy your list and many of your items would find themselves on my list ... if I had one...very cold drinks that almost hurt your teeth are on mine....along with the sound of silence.