Sunday, March 01, 2009

Baby Girl 21 Months

Well it seems like boys boys boys around here lately, but believe me The Babe is not a wallflower. She pretty much runs the place!
One of her most favorite things lately, is getting dressed. Without any help. She gets upset if you try to help. Until she gets stuck. And then she gets upset until you untangle/help her again. And she is veery fashionable! The layered look is popular.
You can definitely tell that the two's are approaching. With a vengence. A little more headstrong. A little less cooperative. A few more meltdowns. But the entertainment factor is still pretty high. At least some of the time...
Most of the time though, she's a feisty, comical, sunny, bright, determined, sweet, sassy little thing.
She seems to be quite interested in the potty these days. It can be difficult to get a diaper on her. At least she likes to sit there. While chewing on her toothbrush. I think it's a good start.

She and daddy are BEST friends. She's always the first one to send him off to work or welcome him home at night with a greeting.
She's not deterred much by her brothers and does her best to keep up with them. She does a pretty good job too.
Most of all she's our little Miss Sunshine. With attitude. And we wouldn't want it any other way.


Proud Granny said...

The fashion combos are fabulous! I remember another little girl who was very creative with you fashion choices - mostly in a good way - but she didn't go for quite so many layers.

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

So incredibly sweet & fun!
Love the clothes. That's amazing that she's dressing herself! Wow! Genius child...really she is.
The next few months will be even more interesting as the independent will really comes forward, won't it? Maybe the boys have eased you in & it'll be smooth sailing with your babe...unless they tell her their tricks of the trade!:)

nana hugs said...

sweet..sweet the 3 of them are! We hope to see them soon.

nana hugs said...

wonder where she gets her knowledge
of style? I think she will be easy to potty train.

Two Mittens said...

yeeess...the 'training'...
today she took off her poopy diaper during nap time and peed in her bed.
then after I got her hosed off in the tub I was picking up towels and she peed on the floor.