Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Bug 4 Years

Ah, my Bug. At 4 years old.
He likes to be funny. He almost always tells me he doesn't like his dinner, but he almost always eats it eventually. He loves apples. He likes water. He loves cars, especially blue Dinocos at the moment. He's mechanically minded. He's great at puzzles. He loves cute little babies. He loves hearing stories. He doesn't like going to bed. If you tell him you love him, he might say 'thank you'. He's very friendly with new people and not shy. He tends to keep things to himself a little bit. He loves cereal. He spends most of every day playing with his brother. He's a thinker. He makes funny faces to make his sister laugh. He has great hair. He likes a good chase. He's a bit lighter and gentler than his brother. He has trouble sharing his favorite things. He can be helpful, but will usually try to get his brother to do it first. He can play well by himself, but gets lonely without his brother. He's really good at climbing things. He's a whirlwind in his sleep.
I love to hold his sweet little hand in mine. And listen to his quiet snores when he's sleeping.
And I love being his mom.


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

So sweet...Love it the second last pic, his eyes look more like the Bees in this shot.
He's wonderful...and can you believe he's 4!

Peace Sweet Peas said...

i love the shoulder shot. i think it is pretty funny that he tries to get his brother to do it for him first. Tony thinks he is very handsome

Anonymous said...

Isn't it fun how the boys are so different but the same to. He is his own person which is so great. (Have you noticed how much I use the word so?) What a joy having such great little boys. He is so adorable.

Kisses to the other 4 year old.

kisses and hugs

Auntie P or whatever you call me.