Sunday, February 08, 2009

47 Months

Almost 4!
It feels like an exciting time. The boys are learning a lot and communicating much better than they ever have before. They are getting more independent, getting dressed by themselves (sometimes with a lot of prodding), and The Bee is potty trained!! HURRAY! Not at night time yet, but he's nearly perfect during the day. Even this past week when he was sick and miserable, he still managed to go by himself. I think he's pretty proud of himself and happy with his independence. We got him some new Spiderman underwear to celebrate!
The Bug is still taking his time, but he's willing to try so we'll just keep at it.

The Bug is still really really good at puzzles and The Bee is good with counting numbers.

They both seem to enjoy being in Primary, and seem to be singing new songs at home all the time. I'm actually really looking forward to them going to preschool and all the new new things they'll learn. Hopefully all good and not weird stuff from other kids...

It was interesting to watch this week as they were each quite sick for a few days, but not the same days. They were each a bit lost without the other one to play with.
Although I have to say I did enjoy the reduced energy/noise level.

Another thing they've learned recently is *the fake smile*. Aaaah...maybe I'll change their names to Ham and Cheese!


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Beautiful shots of your boys.
4!! How did that happen?!
Listening to them talk to one another must be so fun...and funny! I can only imagine what they come up with.

tractor-grandpa said...

I think you have spent to much tome listening to someone much older than you if you wish to change the names. Those are the kind of names that could come frome here.

cardsgalorecanada said...


We heard that The Bee has been really proud of his Spiderman undies last night at mom and dad's place. How The Bug likes to try and get away with wearing his brother's Spiderman undies too!

Lahni said...

I like those black and white photos in the snow...very cool!