Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Little Differences

If you don't know them you might think they're alike but my boys are so completely different. I've known that since the minute they were born.
It was so obvious this morning, it made me laugh...

We were all downstairs and the two of them were playing with their big legos. They like to build towers and then knock them over and laugh. Or scream. Depends on whether they agree on when it should be knocked down.

The Bug was happily busy building away.

The Bee would go over and add something or rearrange and then come over and tell me all about it. And then he'd tell me about what color the blocks were. And then he talked about building a robot. And then about the tower... back and forth and back and forth until they were done playing.
The Bug just kept building.

And that, in a nutshell, is them.


amy said...

i finally made an account so i can view all the goings on! the kids are sooo cute, holy smokes. The Babe looks adorable in the bunny ears and the story about the boys' air-vent-communication is hilarious!
we are aware that someone is going to be having a super special birthday soon, and we'd like to send a little something. There's just a slight problem... we can't remember the exact date, yikes!

Two Mittens said...

Hi cousin Amy!
Thanks for saying hello...we miss you guys =)

Our #1 birthday is a few weeks away on May22!

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Isn't amazing how different the littles can be even though they are basically raised exactly the same?! It's mind-boggling and wonderful.