Tuesday, April 22, 2008

38 Months

Sometimes a month passes and I realize I haven't really taken a lot of photos. Just not a whole lot going on. The boys are crazy. They make me crazy. The circle of life continues.

Here are a couple of great shots from Daddy.
This is The Chase. The Bug loves a good chase and will often grab something away from The Bee in order to instigate the inevitable pursuit. Sometimes it's all in good fun and other times The Bee will howl and throw himself to the ground in a heap of piercing protest. Either way, The Bug has a good time. His face really says it all.

And here is The Sadness. Both boys have a favorite 'blanky' which they love to death. They are sometimes referred to (by myself and Ch) as the 'manky blankies'. So when we can we throw them into the wash, hopefully when no one will notice. Of course this is always followed by some tragedy requiring consolation by said 'blanky'. And the tragedy is then escalated by the fact that Blanky is in the wash. The Bee could only be consoled by sitting in front of the washer, and keeping his eye on the horror.

The Sadness Part2. Another day, another wash, another sad boy watching the washing machine. This time a sheet and gloves have been added for comfort/dramatic effect.

The Bee is still carrying all his stuff around in a bucket. He broke his, so he is using The Babe's pink Easter bucket. Also referred to by myself and Ch as the bucket of crap. But we're keeping that to ourselves. It's so heavy he can barely carry it some days.

The Bug's love of Cars has expanded to include the character Chick Hicks. He has a little mini car, he calls him 'Cheeks'.

And on a slightly side note, my cousin and his wife had twin boys born on April 1st. We saw them on the weekend and they are tiny and sweet and I felt happy for them and even happier for me now that it's 3 years later! Ha.


Jamie said...

I totally understand The Chase - that is my boys favorite thing to do right now. And the Sadness. We too have special friends that need to be washed. Really cute pics!

Go Cards said...

Such great pics you are very very talented! Love the one of the Chase, the face is awesome on the little guy! Reminds me of my 37mth old! Thanks for keeping it easy for me!

Peace Sweet Peas said...

Iknew it, I knew they couldn't resist looking to the twin boy experts for help.

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Love the anecdotes. They make me laugh.
Your boys are getting so grown up looking. So little BOYS and good bye to toddler-hood faces.
We have the special blankie too....thankfully we have three so there's no washing sadness however there are days when he has to have ALL THREE!