Monday, July 02, 2007

Houdini Bee

Many of the doors in our home have childproof safety latches on them. It's just a small sliding latch at the top of the door, so that our children can't open them. Because they can't reach them.

This prevents the kids from flushing stuff, and emptying the toilet paper roll, escaping to the garage, and re-arranging our bedroom every second of every day. It also keeps them in their own rooms at naptime and bedtime. Crucial to the peaceful, happy flow of our home.
One afternoon last week the boys were in their rooms for a nap and I was trying to get the baby to follow. Much to my surprise a little blonde head pops up from downstairs. Very pleased with himself he is calling, Mommy? Mommy? Daddy? Daddy?
Maybe I'd forgotten to latch his door?

However, this happened again the next day. I promptly took him back to his room to let him know it was still 'nap time'.
He them figured out that mommy makes him return to 'napping' so he figured he might as well watch a little tv, or pile up all the toys from the playroom into his bedroom before coming upstairs. Oddly enough, he only did this at naptime.

Until today. This morning instead of waiting for us to come and get him, we hear this happy little voice coming up the stairs calling, Mommy? Daddy? and up pops his little blonde head.
And while we are amused by his cuteness, we are really more astounded by his amazing feet of escape. We have no idea how he is getting out of his room.


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

wow...that's a freaky talent knowing what those locks are like. Must just rattle the door until they finally shimmy? I'm stumped.

Peace Sweet Peas said...

wOW. I hear putting vaseline on the door handle makes it tougher for them to escape. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

miss you guys.