Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Baby Update

The Babe had her first shots yesterday. She is a lovely 23inches long, weighing 11.3lbs. That puts her directly in the middle of the range.
She cried that cry that breaks your heart when she got the needles (total of 3, ouch!) but it didn't last long. At least we know she has healthy lungs too!


YoJo said...
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YoJo said...

Oooooh... Indy is overdue for shots and I'm afraid to go with her. Because of that cry.

She's so sweet, Lara...and I like your new changes to the blog. I'll call you this week to catch up and find out about the kids and new graphic magic. ;)


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

So pretty in pink.
That cry is heartbreaking and brings to tears to my eyes every time. R goes on Aug 9. I am dreading it. I think it's worse when you know what to expect.
Love your new look!

vanishingword said...

First time I have checked in in a while. Your baby is so sweet! big kiss from us!