Tuesday, May 08, 2007

7 Random Things

Ok, I've been tagged...

1. I'm a terrible phone person. Sometimes I avoid it like the plague. I don't know why. Oddly enough I've had a couple of jobs where I had to talk to people on the phone. I survived, but it hasn't improved the avoidance in my real life. It has nothing personal to do with who is calling me.

2. I have always thought I would have a daughter. I really hope we get along.

3. My first pet was a dog named Butch. He was already our pet when I was born. We got along great, but I've always been a cat person. I'm pretty ok not having any pets right now. I don't need any more messes to clean up.

4. I'll be 37 later this year. I'm getting a little freaked about turning 40 already.

5. I'm looking forward to having sushi when I'm not pregant anymore.

6. I'm afraid of fish. Touching me. Snorkeling creeped me out.

7. I wish I could sing. Well. (I 'can' sing, just not well enough that anyone wants to hear!)

And so I must tag Mrs. M, Mrs. Sweetpeas, and Mrs. Wonderful!


Darcy Schack said...

Ya fish really REALLY creep me out when I am in their environment as well. I just don't want them near me or touching me... Kinda scares me. I really REALLY enjoy them when they are served raw with rice though! I LOVE sushi...

P.S.) We should have a singing competition. I can curdle milk with my singing!

vanishingword said...

I loved snorkeling! I started hyperventilating when I was under water though, and I was scared of the Darth Vader noise i was making. Great list, I avoid the phone sometimes myself- with no reguard to who is calling. :)

Pocket Fuzz the Wizard said...

Little birds are fine....but really big birds , I'm not so fond of....except like the "Big Bird" he's ok.
Phones are rude and intrusive and need to be avoided as much as humanly possible. So what do "they" do but make one that follows you everywhere.
TG for answering systems.

vanishingword said...

Just seeing what was new!

Pocket Fuzz the Wizard said...

Me too ...just checking ...is she here yet??? and the name? Be there a title assigned the new comer???