Friday, June 15, 2012

Fun With Instagram

I LOVE taking photos and using my phone is so liberating! Quick and easy and then Instagram lets you add a filter and viola! Fancy pantsy photos!
I also love my big camera, but I don't love the time it takes to download and edit and process everything. And just try stuffing that thing in your pocket! That's why I don't post more photos. Which is probably good. How many gratuitous photos do you need to see, right??

Unless you DO want to see more, more, MORE photos you can find follow me on Instagram...9stars.
We can follow each other. It'll be fun!

*Instagram is a free iphone app. Find it at itunes.

1 comment:

Mrs.M said...

She's getting so grown up-ish.
I agree! I am brutal at pics these days cause stuffing my big camera in my pocket....doesn't phone it is. Instant fun!