Monday, October 31, 2011

All Hallows Weekend

We had a fun busy weekend including a Halloween party with great friends (and stayed out way, way too late), Harry Potter movies and popcorn, making paper monsters with ShiShi, jack o' lanterns with daddy (they each selected a face) and generally eating treats and hanging out. I feel like we just eat more and more treats earlier and earlier each year (instead of less)...but that's a topic for another conversation!

The kids picked what they wanted to be this year and I decided we weren't going crazy buying expensive costumes. We have a lot of dress up options already around the house and I love the simple, yet effective approach! I also love how the boys decided to be skeleton twins. They make me laugh.

We've really had a great time reading books and decorating all month long. And I'm about done. Just a little trick or treating and then the Candy Man and it's a wrap. whew!
Happy Spooky Tricky Treaty Halloween!

1 comment:

Mrs. M said...

They are all so fun!
Little Pretty cute and so sassy....that demure over the shoulder look. Oh my!
And the skeleton twins....LOL!! So great!
Love the light in many of these shots.
Paper monsters! What a super idea.
You make the Hallowed Holiday such fun...and take it to a new, better level every time. Way to go!