Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

As I've mentioned before last year wasn't the easiest for my family. My mom went into the hospital (with an undetermined illness) a couple of weeks before my Dad went in to have thyroid cancer surgery. He spent most of the year in the hospital either for his own issues, or trying to take care of my mom.
He has been a fine example of courage and determination. Even when things seemed to be at their worst, my Dad never gave up. It was not easy. My Dad can do hard things.

Thanks Dad, for your faith and perseverance. Thanks for doing all you could do. Thanks for being an example of love for all of us.

And to my husband, thanks for loving our kids so fiercely.

Happy Father's Day!


Mrs. M said...

Your dad is truly amazing Mrs. M. His level of commitment is a great example to everyone...not just his wonderful kids!

I hope your parents have a year of recovery and laughs as equally wonderful as this past year was challenging.

Daisy Patch said...

Happy Father's Day uncle "Tractor-Grandpa".You deserve it.Just look at the amazing,talented kids you raised ;) Not to mention, you have some pretty cute grandkids.

tractor-grandpa said...

Thanks for the praise and accolades but I was just doing what a husband and father is supposed to do for his family. I love all of my family and will always try to be there for them.