Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010

I think it will be fun to look back someday and remember what you were totally 'into' when you were 5. Or 3. So fun! So here's what we are 'into' this Christmas.

The Bug: Bionicles, Ironman, AstroBoy, trains, remote control monster trucks (although his real love would be a car or a train, the color blue, coloring and drawing awesome pictures, his anatomy book (how does all that stuff work?), Zhu Zhus, fleecy pants, eating mandarin oranges like crazy, and playing with anything his sister has. Whether she wants him to or not.

The Bee: Bionicles (he wants a collection and has tried to get his siblings to contribute), Spiderman, cutting and taping endless decorations and projects, the color orange, his dinosaur book, Zhu Zhus, AstroBoy, hot chocolate, candy canes, and constantly bugging his little sister.

The Babe: Making Barbie cupcakes, her new gold shoes, makeup, wearing dresses, PAJAMAS (loves, loves, loves them, especially one piece sleepers or fleece - she used her own Christmas money to buy more pj's rather than a toy), pink, ponies, Zhu Zhus, being sassy and bossing everyone around.

Daddy: Playing hockey on the neighborhood rink, eating cheese, building snow forts, cross country skiing, playing remote control trucks and cars with the kids. The Babe is the pit crew. He cooked the turkey in the bbq (no vegan meal this time). Sorry Mr. Turkey, but you were mighty tasty.

Me: drinking tea from my reindeer mug, listening to Swifty (surprisingly enjoyable), and Glee (not surprisingly enjoyable), eating leftovers instead of cooking real meals, thinking about home decor, reading Eating Alive, thinking about photo shoots I'd like to do, and avoiding laundry.

Together we have been trying to learn to skate. Daddy is the only real pro so far but we're working on it. Spending time with ShiShi. Visits with Nana and Papa and Grandma and Grandpa. Watching The Grinch, Prep and Landing and Despicable Me. Staying up too late and sleeping in. Eating lots of treats. Generally not doing too much at all and loving it!
Hope you had a great holiday too!


Mrs. M said...'s all very lovely and fun!
We're talking about learning to skate. Daddy is the only pro at our house too. Sadly my skating skills are long gone, but my sound effects hilarious when it comes to staying upright on the blades.
Great job freezing some innocent moments in time. I love it.a

Daisy Patch said...

Is that your mom in the picture with you and the Babe??

Two Mittens said...

Thanks Mrs. M...

And yes DP, that's Mom.

Daisy Patch said...

She looks fantastic. But the diet plan leaves something to be desired!!(My mom's wasn't that great either) 10 out of 10 children of wonderful moms highly DO NOT recommend these diet plans!But I am glad you got to spend Christmas together :D

Jamie said...

Great idea - I might have to copy! :) Sounds like you had a good holiday - cute kids!