Tuesday, February 16, 2010

5th Birthday!

My tiny valentines are 5! Whew that seems very grown up. It really does feel like a milestone. For me and for them. I'm mostly really excited for them. They are learning so much and taking it all in. I'm just amazed at how we've all grown in the past 5 years. Just thinking about the next 5 kind of freaks me out!

My little Bug was so excited for this birthday. The Bee was too, but having been quite sick the week prior, he was not quite 100%. It's really a lot of fun to enjoy their anticipation to special occasions. Sometimes the waiting is frustrating, but it's easy to get excited along with them.

First we got to spend some time with Grandma and Grandpa and Auntie Shishi on Saturday. The kids love spending time with them (even if we were at the crazy mall - does anyone else find the Bass Shop amazing and disturbing?) and The Bug was quite disappointed that they were leaving before the 'official' day.
He was also worried that we had to go to church on his birthday. I reassured him that it was still his birthday, all day, and we could open presents as soon as we got home. And of course they had a great time seeing their friends, and having all the kids sing to them and special treats.

Finally time to open presents! Hurray!
An afternoon playing with new toys and then a yummy dinner with Auntie ShiShi (when you're 5 yummy = chicken nuggets and drumsticks)
And then cake. Cakes. Oh my goodness. I was worried with all the Cake Boss going on around here. I am like the Cake mail room employee...so I thought this would be fun. And it was pretty and colorful. Note to self: no matter what the instructions say, LINE THE PANS WITH PAPER SO THEY WILL COME OUT IN ONE PIECE. *ahem*

Thank goodness for lots of icing! yeah! Crazy sweet, but a huge success with the 5yr olds.
I also managed to finally make them birthday shirts. Well, not make, but paint. I made a freezer paper stencil and it was fabulous (too bad the shirts were too small - curse you old navy 5T). I will be having more fun with this in the future!

How old are you? High fives!!

When asked what their favorite part of the day was,
The Bug said: The presents and the cake! (they ate a lot of cake)
and The Bee said: Blowing out the candles! (Daddy relit them several times)
Happy Birthday to my sweet Valentines!


Brooke said...

How does the freezer paper thing work? I have heard of it but never attempted. You are such a creative mom. I can't believe your boys are 5. High Five!

Two Mittens said...

Hey Brooke, it's super easy...I think maybe it's only as difficult as you want to make cutting out your stencil.
Here's a great tutorial.
(Basically cut out a shape, iron it on a shirt, paint it, and peal off the paper)
I got freezer paper at superstore beside the wax paper, etc.
Simple and satisfying!


Jamie said...

I hate going to church on my birthday too...

Losing it said...
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Mrs. M said...

The shirts turned out great! As did the cakes and look at the plates! Ya got it goin on Momma!
Can't believe your little babes are 5!!!!

YoJo said...

Happy Belated B-Day to your Valentine boys!! (My favourite number!) :) Indy turned 4 on the 26th. February is so much better than January... ;)