Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Berry And Some Ice Cream

Meet Berry. I know he's a fruit but he seems more like a pet. For the first several weeks of his life we gently carried him indoors overnight when it was freezing and then lovingly set him outside in the daytime to soak up any sunlight that came his way. We watched Berry blossom from his sweet white flower to a hard green bullet to the red beauty you see before you.
And then we ate him! And yes, I made the kids take tiny bites and share. Luckily there seems to be more where he came from.

And speaking of eating your friends/pets...the kids have really been enjoying Charlotte's Web lately. An older animated version, not the fancy new one. We like our talking pigs/spiders/rats as cartoons.
(I totally want to see the new one. Hey, 2006 is new to me!)

And while we're talking let me add that it's not that I don't have a zillion pictures to put up. In fact I DO have a zillion pictures. We're just too busy being outside and getting dirty and eating ice cream...
(and doing laundry and getting kids to sleep when it's light outside)

My favorite Ice Cream combinations so far:

Coconut milk, soy milk to top it up, 2 bananas, handful of frozen mango

Julie's chocolate sorbet with about a cup of buttermilk (creamy), a ripe banana - I'm going to add peanut butter next time

Buttermilk, fresh pinapple, 2 bananas, tablespoon of orange juice concentrate

I KNOW that some of these are not technically considered ice cream. But you don't have to cook anything and maybe it's slightly less fat than the custardy kind. But ALL GOOD!

I generally make about 4 cups of anything for my ice cream machine. I give the fruity stuff a quick whiz in the blender but leave some chunks.

Buttermilk is creamy with a wonderful tart kick that I love - it's not gross (or buttery) and goes deliciously well with fruit - try it and you'll be happy you did!

I don't normally add much sugar if I'm using a lot of fruit (just ripe bananas). If you like your ice cream a bit sweeter, try brown sugar for a little more depth of flavor. Half a cup is usually plenty.

I'm going to give this a try.

This works too!

And my next combination is going to be rhubarb/strawberry/apple (cooked up together) with a yogurt base. I expect it's going to be delightful.
Or I'm just going to have to chew on these yummy baby (toddler) cheeks!!

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shelley d said...

I love your little story about your pet berry! So charming. I really enjoy reading your blog, and so glad that your Lost Boy is found. I, too, simply cannot imagine how horrific it must be to permanently lose a child. I can't go there in my mind either. Anyway, thanks for all your fun posts!